Holistic healing services and teachings to create positive change in your life





Spiritual guidance to take you on a journey to a more enriched, empowered, and joyful life


At Paris Jade Soul to Soul, I offer personalised holistic healing services and courses. I also provide spiritual guidance and mentoring so that you always feel supported.

I can help you whether you’re in the beginning stages of your spiritual journey or have delved deeper into your spiritual awakening.

I can help you to find balance in your life.

I can work with you to realign and renew your energy.

I can show you how to live life at a more profound level.

After working with many clients, I’ve learned that many people survive rather than thrive. I want to help you to live an extraordinary life.

Think about it:

  • Have you lost your sense of self?
  • Are you putting everyone’s needs ahead of your own?
  • Do you feel like there’s got to be more to life?
  • Do you want to explore ways to be more connected and kinder to yourself?
  • Are you looking to heal from past wounds and traumas?
  • Would you like to learn more about how to manage and maintain your energy?
  • Are you seeking a more awakened or spiritual life?

I am invested in helping you find true contentment, a sense of calm, and well-being.

I have a lived experience of how much holistic healing and teachings can bring to a person’s life.

My Why:


I believe everyone has a divine right to live a blessed life.

A life where they know their worth, value and look after themselves.

Everyone deserves loving guidance and the opportunity to live an intentional and awakened life.

And everyone deserves to be healthy. Not just physically healthy but also emotionally resilient, spiritually connected, and supported.

I see you. And I see a grander vision for your life.


My How:


I offer a range of holistic services and courses to help you live the life you deserve.

If you’re unsure which one is right for you, contact me, and I can help you identify those holistic services that might work for you.

Keep in mind that my services, like every person’s journey, are constantly evolving.

From time to time, I’ll introduce new services, gatherings, or classes.

Keep an eye on my website, follow my blog, or sign up to my email list so that you don’t miss out on new services, classes, or offerings.


My core services are:

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    Holistic energy healing sessions

    Sound healing sessions

    Biofield tuning sessions

    Pineal gland activation sessions


    Reiki healing certification

    Seichim healing certification

    Pineal gland activation workshops

    Bespoke instrument training

    Crystal essence and aura spray workshops

    The angels and you workshops


    Soulful sound baths

    Group meditations



    Healers’ community gatherings

    Soul tribe gatherings

    Holistic Healing | Spiritual Healer | Energy Healing | Sound | Pineal Gland | Reiki | Seichim | Tribe | Hills District | Sydney | Aura Essence


    If you or someone you know could use a spiritual lift, I have curated a beautiful range of products that might help.

    You don’t have to wait for a special occasion to show someone you’re thinking of them. Sometimes the best presents we receive are given “just because”. It makes us feel special, seen, and loved.

    Aura/room sprays

    Essence of angels remedies

    Australian bush flower essences

    and Gift certificates.

    Holistic Healing | Spiritual Healer | Energy Healing | Sound | Pineal Gland | Reiki | Seichim | Tribe | Hills District | Sydney | Aura Essence

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    I have been learning with Paris since 2019 and couldn’t ask for a kinder, gentler soul to learn from. So welcoming, nurturing and encouraging, Paris is always around to support and guide and shares her wealth of knowledge and experience so beautifully.

    As I continue to grow and heal, I’m grateful to have taken this journey with Paris.

    Fiona V

    Paris, you’re truly a beautiful soul. I have used your service for all 3 Reiki levels this truly transformed my life. For this I am forever grateful. I then used your service for the pineal gland activation which took me to another level on my spiritual journey and I feel amazing. Your way of teaching and support along the way has been the key factor in my spiritual development. To have someone available to me should I have questions or concerns is invaluable. Thank you for everything you done for me. I absolutely and completely will recommend you to anyone interested in spiritual development.


    I truly recommend Paris for her authenticity and dedication to her teachings. I have had attunements done with Paris for Reiki mastery, Seichim, all levels to mastery and have also done a day of learning on how to use my shamanic drum and sound bowls for my own healings and meditation classes.

    Paris has the patience and a true gift of a teacher with great wisdom to share.



    I understand.

    It can be scary to try something new.

    Energy healing, the divine, the angels, and the spiritual world may not be common topics of discussion around your dinner table or in your social circle.

    But I can assure you that these aspects of life are becoming more widely known, understood, and accepted.

    And I approach spirituality in a very gentle, down-to-earth, and loving manner.

    All I ask is that you keep an open mind and spirit and let me show you what I do. And then you can decide if it’s the right path for you.