Life is for living and you are deserving and worthy of joy, fun and self-care.

Through experiences we provide ourselves with the opportunity to be inspired, encounter something new, learn, grow, get out of our comfort zone, heal, and connect to others.

Whether it be an immersive and relaxing soulful sound bath or a nourishing, enriching or expansive retreat. There is no time like the present to get involved.

Soulful Sound Bath

A blissful journey through guided meditation and therapeutic healing sounds. With a combination of different instruments, you will be held and nurtured into a place of peace and serenity.

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Group guided meditation sessions, shared with a loving, warm and welcoming presence. Through various themes and intentions, be guided to different states of being and activating your healing and awakening response.


Be supported, nurtured and inspired within a safe and loving space, surrounded by like-minded souls. 

Be taken on a journey of self-discovery and learning, whilst having fun and being immersed in powerful activities. 


I love Paris’s sound bath sessions. It is literally the most relaxing 1 hour of my life. It’s an hour of pure joy. The music is absolutely beautiful, Paris has invested a lot of time and money into all her instruments, sometimes it sounds like the forest and sometimes it sounds like the ocean. I also get a lot of insight in that time for my life, relationships and spiritual development.


Hi Paris, the sound meditation on Friday night was a great way to relax- in fact I think I fell asleep or at least went off to another reality, but came back just before the end of the session. I must have been tired as I usually love to listen to all the beautiful tones. Thank you.