Soulful Sound Bath

These Soulful Sound Baths are multi-layered. They work to bring calm, balance and peace, whilst also supporting rejuvination, mental clarity, motivation and direction.

A safe sacred energetic space is created so that each participant receives and experiences exactly what is needed for their best and highest good, through love and grace.

On a deeper level, the sound frequencies and guided meditation are divinely supported and infused with channelled high vibrational Healing, Awakening, Remembrance and Ascension codes and keys, that work on and through all layers.

These sound baths can be very transformational. You will find that any healing, ascension or energetic work that you intend for will be greatly supported within this sacred space. And the collective energy can act as a conduit for reaching higher frequencies that cannot be achieved on your own.

Your intention and motivation will play an important role in your experience and outcome.

What is a Sound Bath?

Picture yourself being wrapped and held within a blanket of healing sound frequencies. Showered and bathed in harmonic sounds and gently guided to a place of inner peace and serenity.

These Soulful Sound baths combine two of my passions, meditation and sound healing.

Guided meditation is a wonderful way to honor yourself, take precious time out for you and to connect to your heart and your truth.

Therapeutic sound can by-pass the mental mind to connect directly to our cells and DNA, and has the power to instantly shift, move and transform energy. It can restore us back to our natural resonance whilst also lifting us into new perspectives and allowing us to connect deep within our true selves.

What is a Soulful Sound Bath?

As previously mentioned, this is not your ordinary sound bath. The sound frequencies and guided meditation are divinely supported and infused with channelled high vibrational healing, awakening, remembrance and ascension codes and keys, that work on and through all layers.

Your intention can be anything from

  • relaxation,
  • physical healing,
  • self-care, time-out or me-time.


  • spiritual guidance,
  • energy alignment, chakra balancing 
  • awakening, soul work,
  • past-life remembrance,
  • ascension work or much more.

The possibilities are endless.


Sound healing instruments used will be a combination of crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, medicine drum, monolina, tuning pipes, planetary gong, tongue drum and percussion instruments.

Each soulful sound bath will have a different collective intention. If this intention does not resonate with you, that’s ok, as you will be given an opportunity to set your own personal intention for the session. And my deepest soul intention is always that you receive that which is for your best and highest good at the time.  

Dates and times are provided below.

All are welcome. No meditation experience is necessary.

Light refreshments will be available.



Some possible contraindications for Sound healing work can be pregnancy, epilepsy, pace maker, mental health challenges such as psychosis, schizophrenia or PTSD. Concussion or head injury in the last 3 months. Currently having treatment for active cancer.
Please get in contact prior to purchasing you ticket if any of the above apply to you and we can discuss different options.

Important Information

It is recommended that you lay down for the sound bath. You will be on carpet. If you’d prefer to sit, there will be chairs available.

Please bring with you a yoga mat, cushion and blanket (some spares will be available).

And a water bottle.

 Arrive 5-10mins before start time.


If you would like to experience the power of therapeutic sounds but in a private session, please have a look at my sound healing sessions page.

Next Event Details

Date: Sunday 7th July 2024 

Time: 3pm till 4.30pm

Location: Quakers Hill

Full address is given upon booking.

Cost: $40


Paris has the ability to send me to the depths in the most delightful way. Not only does she provide a safe container to connect in, she facilitates healing through her love light and passion for the art of sound, colour, and all things woven into the magical fabric of womanhood .

Having Paris as my mentor is both an honour and a gift and I can’t recommend her delicious soundbaths enough


I love Paris’s sound bath sessions. It is literally the most relaxing 1 hour of my life. It’s an hour of pure joy.

The music is absolutely beautiful.

Paris has invested a lot of time and money into all her instruments, sometimes it sounds like the forest and sometimes it sounds like the ocean.

I also get a lot of insight in that time for my life, relationships and spiritual development.


Sound bath meditations for me breaths the true living definition of a therapy. I am learning to better my wellbeing, state of mind and my life!

This therapy is about mindfulness. Paying attention to and engaging in the here and now experiences. Acceptance of my emotions. Allowing thoughts and feelings to come and go of their own accord.

I experience all these attributes during Paris’ mediation sessions, but with something so much more profound and powerful.. Through my intentions, the instrumental sounds, the safeness and guidance I am taken into true vitality!! Where vitality is a true sense of being fully alive and embracing the here and now regardless of how I may be feeling in that moment. Distraught. Scared. Joyful. Exhilarated.

I truly cherish being in that state of vitality during the meditation sessions. These sound bath sessions empower me to keep striving to learn more, so I can transform those internal states of existence into my everyday being.

Thank you Paris for sharing and opening your gifts to us to learn from and enrich our lives during these sacred sound bath mediation moments.


Paris’s amazing Sound Meditation is something that everyone should try at least once in their lifetime.

If they are like me they will become addicted!

Paris takes you to the most amazing places her sessions. I feel a sense of calm for days afterwards and like I can take on the world.