Sound Healing Sessions

Sound has the ability to transport us to another time, connect us to different emotions, trigger profound healing and shift the most subtle or stubborn of energies.

Sound healing to me is magical, it by-passes our conscious rational mind, it by-passes the ‘stories’ and powerfully shifts, transforms, harmonises and awakens us on all levels. Sound is universal, it does not judge or manipulate.

It is the language of the Divine.

If you are ready for change, transformation and deep healing, then I encourage you to allow me to hold a loving and safe space for you and take you through a journey supported and driven by therapeutic healing sounds.

I have always had a love of music and sound healing is a deep passion of mine.

I have a Diploma in Integral Sound Healing from the International Sound Healing Academy and my work with sound is supported by my passion for holistic energy healing.


Sound has the ability to positively affect our whole being.  Some common benefits include:

• Relief from stress-related conditions such as anxiety, fatigue, pain and depression.

• Assists in lowering blood pressure, improves circulation and decreases chronic pain.

• Alleviates symptoms associated with digestive issues, joint problems and headaches.

• Increases focus and productivity, improves memory, mental clarity, vitality and a renewed joy of life.

• Shifts the brain waves state.

• Experiences better sleep.

• Feel deeply relaxed with a new level of calm.

• Releases old unhealthy patterns and ‘stories’. Reform new patterns of harmony, balance and well-being.

• Increases speed of recovery from illness, injury or surgery.

• Clears blockages, stuck energy and detoxifies.

• Brings the body and bio-field into harmonic balance and resonance.

Sound Healing Sessions Available

All sound healing sessions are unique and tailored to your specific needs.

Each of the sessions listed below hold a magnitude of benefits.

Please take your time and see which one feels right for you, as there is no one size fits all.

To see if you have any contraindications to sound healing please click here.

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Multi-Instrument Sound Healing Session

These sessions take you on a very personal journey of relaxation, release, rebuilding and re-balancing.

As the sound frequencies move through all the layers of consciousness they work to disperse excess energies, nourish any depletion and bring the body back to harmonious resonance. Instruments are carefully chosen depending on your specific needs and intention for healing.

Instruments may include: Crystal singing bowls, Tibetan bowls, monolina, vocal toning, planetary gong, tuning forks, tuning pipes, medicine drum, various percussion instruments and tongue drum.

These sessions may also include some guided visualisations.


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Tibetan Singing Bowl Healing Session

These sessions include a variety of Tibetan singing bowls, used on and off the body.

The Tibetan singing bowls contain precious history, stories and tradition.

The rich tones of these bowls are hypnotic in nature, and it is very easy to let them carry you away to a place of deep relaxation.

They can feel like a full body massage and the effects are both immediate and lasting.


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Tuning Fork Healing Session

These sessions include a variety of weighted and unweighted tuning forks, used on and off the body.

Tuning forks produce a clear pure tonal frequency; therefore healing can be targeted.

Tuning forks work on the physical body and through all the layers of the bio-field.

This method of sound healing is very gentle yet powerful, it is useful for a wide range of individual needs.


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    Fibonacci Tuning Fork Healing Session

    These sessions incorporate a set of tuning forks which are tuned to the Fibonacci sequence.

    This sequence of sounds starts at zero point then continues to spiral out and up through different realms and realities, moving you into altered states of consciousness, to the eye of God.

    The Fibonacci Tuning Forks awaken new neural pathways, help with balancing the nervous system and are a powerful tool in healing trauma and addictions.



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    Crystal Singing Bowl Healing Session

    These sessions include a variety of Crystal singing bowls, used within the bio-field.

    The pure angelic tones of the crystal singing bowls carry the benefits of not only the sound they emit but also the quartz crystal with which they are made.

    These sessions are a powerful way to bring the body, mind, heart and soul back into balance and harmony.



      Biofield Tuning

      Also available are Biofield Tuning healing sessions. Biofield tuning uses therapeutic and intentional sound, from tuning forks, to help you come into balance and harmony on all levels.

      Session Rates

      1.5hr standard session – $160

      2hr extended session (recommended for first visit) – $195

      1hr tune-up session (Recommended for returning clients who have regular sessions. Does not include consultation) – $130


      Package One: 1 x 2hr session + 2 x 1.5hr sessions (total 5hrs) + 1 x  bush flower or angel essence dropper bottle. $445 (save $90) 

      Package Two: 3 x 1.5hr sessions (total 4.5hrs) + 1 x  bush flower or angel essence dropper bottle. $420 (save $80) 

      Package Three: 3 x 1hr sessions (total 3hrs) + 1 x bush flower or angel essence dropper bottle. $345 (save $65)

      Package terms: Full payment is required before your first session. All 3 sessions must be used within 6 months of purchase.

      * Before booking your sound healing session please click here to see if you have any contraindicators to sound healing.


      Paris is an exceptional sound healer.

      She is so passionate about what she does and loves to help people with their spiritual growth and healing.

      For me Paris’ sound healing techniques felt like a deep massage for my cells that ran all the way to my core.

      It has been a transformative experience for me- physically, mentally and spiritually.


      Paris is a master of sound and is able to bring the notes into a healing session for you to rebalance, tune and feel energetically in touch and aligned for life.

      Would highly recommend sessions


      I would certainly recommend sound healing sessions with Paris.

      The sessions were so healing and the results progressed over the sessions.

      Each session was different, but always the love and healing energies shone through from Paris with such grace.”


      Paris is amazing at what she does. She’s friendly and helpful.

      Each session is unique and you gain so much learning about yourself.

      I always leave feeling relaxed and with a renewed sense of excitement to keep learning


      Sound healing academy practitioner