Reiki Healing Certification

Reiki healing energy is pure unconditional love. It is peace, joy, compassion, tenderness and hope.

Reiki healing energy connects us to our true self. It is expansive, generous, inspiring and unlimited.

It helps us to know ourselves on a deeper level then supports us as we heal, transform and evolve.

Reiki healing is an ancient form of energy healing. This energy comes from source and is available to everyone.

Reiki works on all levels of our being, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. No matter where you are on your spiritual or healing journey, Reiki can be there for you.

People are drawn to Reiki for many different reasons. Some would like to heal a personal issue or assist their spiritual growth.  Some would like to be able to help a family member or friends. Others have a strong desire to help many and aim to become a Reiki practitioner or healer. Then there are people who are not sure why they are called to Reiki but are following their inner guidance. Whatever your reason, Reiki will be a beautiful gift and journey that will continue to evolve and grow with you over time.

I have been attuned to Reiki for over 20 years and have been teaching since 2013. During that time I have experienced some amazing transformations, heard beautiful, inspiring stories and witnessed many brave breakthroughs and realisations. The power of Reiki still manages to humble and inspire me every day. I feel blessed to be able to teach Reiki healing and be a part of so many students Reiki journey. I honour the traditions of Dr Usui and the traditional Usui Reiki methods, but I also believe in allowing the energy to grow and evolve with the times and to embrace and work with each student in an individual and personalised manner.

I encourage my students to recognise their uniqueness and to embrace that within their Reiki. I teach from the heart and whilst giving comprehensive information I always favour the use of intuition and self-trust over all else. Each Reiki attunement is considered sacred and is approached with reverence and appreciation.

Reiki is a powerful foundation for other healing modalities. Level one in particular is a wonderful introduction to working with energy. Reiki over time can be built upon, and your uniqueness and other interests can be incorporated. Reiki beautifully compliments, but is not limited to, those in the health, well-being, social welfare and beauty industries. On a personal level it has something for everyone.

Reiki Training Levels

There are three levels of training. You may wish to learn one or learn them all.

Each level includes:

  • Workshop
  • Sacred Reiki attunement
  • Certification
  • Manual
  • Follow-up support

The manuals are the result of my years of personal and professional experience and from questions and prompts given to me by my students. The manuals are put together in such a way that they contain a lot of information without being overwhelming. The manuals are easy to follow and will be a great resource which you can use at home for years to come.

Follow-up support is also a part of your training. Knowing that you are not alone in this journey is important to me. You will also be able to attend our Healer’s community gatherings, which are a wonderful resource for you to practice, continue to learn and be with like-minded people.

Light refreshments are available for all in-person classes.

Reiki level one self healing

Reiki Level One

This level focuses on gaining foundational knowledge and beginning your self-healing journey whilst also being able to practice on family and friends.

There are no prerequisites for level one.

Level one Includes:

  • Sacred attunement to Reiki level one energies
  • Comprehensive level one manual
  • Level one certificate
  • Usui Reiki lineage
  • History of Reiki and Dr Usui
  • The five Reiki principles
  • Understanding what Reiki is and its benefits
  • Reiki ethics
  • Reiki and your chakras
  • Learn what Reiki symbols are and receive one traditional Reiki symbol and its uses
  • Reiki for self-healing
  • Reiki for healing friends and family
  • Practical hands-on elements
  • A4 laminated poster of self-healing hand positions
  • A4 laminated poster of healing others hand positions
  • On-going support and mentoring
  • Invitation to join our Healers community and attend our community gatherings.
  • Upon booking you receive a Voucher for 20% off a 1.5hr healing session with Paris. This can be used within one month before or one month after your level one training.
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Reiki Level Two

This level builds upon the information in level one and strengthens your Reiki connection. Level two looks at how to by-pass time and space and perform distance healings.  You receive more symbols, and we explore a more holistic viewpoint by looking into the mind-body connection. This level also focuses on supporting you in a practitioner role, although you don’t need to have dreams of becoming a practitioner to benefit from this level.

Prerequisites for level two are completion of level one. If you have completed level one elsewhere your certificate will need to be sighted.

Level two includes:

  • Questions and answers from level one
  • Sacred attunement to Reiki level two energies
  • Comprehensive level two manual
  • Level two certificate
  • What is intuition and how do you receive messages
  • Energy management practices and self-care
  • Becoming a Reiki practitioner
  • The mind-body connection
  • Two traditional and one non-traditional Reiki symbols
  • How to perform a distance healing
  • Using a pendulum during a Reiki healing
  • Practical hands-on elements
  • Meditation MP3 (emailed to you)
  • On-going support and mentoring
  • Invitation to join our Healers community and attend our community gatherings.
  • Upon booking you receive a Voucher for 20% off a 1.5hr healing session with Paris. This can be used within one month before or one month after your level two training.

Reiki Level Three

This is the master level. Some find this title daunting; just think of it as a role that you can step into overtime or whenever you are ready. This level is very much focused upon your inner self, about embracing Reiki into who you are and into every part of your existence.  Acknowledging how far you have come, coming to an understanding of what makes you and your connection to Reiki unique and where this journey is taking you. This level also allows you to teach Reiki in the future, if that is the path you are called to follow.

Prerequisites for level three are completion of level one and two. If you have completed level one or two elsewhere your certificate will need to be sighted.

Level three includes:

  • Questions and answers from level two
  • Sacred attunement to Reiki master energies
  • Comprehensive level three manual
  • Reiki master certificate
  • Discussion on your Reiki journey so far and going forward
  • Becoming a Reiki master practitioner
  • Reiki master and your higher self
  • Receive the traditional Reiki Master symbol plus one non-traditional symbol
  • A deeper look into the traditional Reiki symbols and ways to use them
  • Reiki and meditation
  • Reiki and your continual growth
  • Ways to strengthen your healings
  • Your Reiki guides
  • Becoming a Reiki master teacher
  • The Reiki attunement steps
  • Practical hands-on elements
  • A4 laminated Reiki symbols poster
  • Meditation MP3 (emailed to you)
  • On-going support and mentoring
  • Invitation to join our Healers community and attend our community gatherings.
  • Upon booking you receive a Voucher for 20% off a 1.5hr healing session with Paris. This can be used within one month before or one month after your Reiki master training.

Scheduled Group Dates

Level One 

Monday 27th May, 9.30am till 2.30pm. In-person at Rouse Hill

Saturday 8th June, 10am till 3pm. Online via Zoom

Sunday 28th July, 10am till 3pm, In-person at Quakers Hill

Reiki Training Prices

Each level is available in-person or via zoom. If you choose to undergo your training over zoom, your manual and certificate will be emailed to you.

Choose a date and time that suits you. Or select from the scheduled dates listed.

Private classes allow for approximately 3.5hrs

Group classes allow for approximately 5hrs (This includes a short break for lunch)

See below for different pricing options and how you can save up to $290.


For a private one-on-one class.

This class has the same content as a group class but can be more individually tailored to your needs. The timing is shorter as we don’t stop for lunch and discussions are more targeted.

Level One- $350

Level Two- $450

Level Three- $650


Save 10% when you book and pay for all three levels of training upfront.

This option is perfect for those who know they would like to complete all three levels of training.

The date of each level needs to be a minimum of one month apart and maximum of two months apart. This way of learning has proved to be very popular as it is just enough time for you to integrate and process the teachings of a level before moving on, whilst also ensuring that you keep up momentum.

Dates of each level need to be locked in and payment made when booking, to receive the discount.

Total cost for three levels in a private class- $1305 (save $145)


Save 10% for groups of 2 or more.

You may like to learn with family or friends. Groups with two or more people receive a discount of 10%

Level One- Pay $315 (save $35)

Level Two- Pay $405 (save $45)

Level Three- Pay $585 (save $65)


Save 20% When you have your own group and book and pay for all three levels upfront.

Receive the 10% discount for groups plus the 10% discount for paying upfront.

Total cost for all three levels in a group class – $1160 (save $290)



Reiki Mentorship and Training - 6 months program

Become certified in all 3 levels of Reiki healing and stay motivated, be accountable, have support and guidance the whole way, with this 6 month Reiki mentorship and training program.


The more I learned about Reiki, the more powerful it was to use, it does work! Reiki is very effective; I use it every day and have been so pleased with the results. Each attunement increased my consciousness, and expanded my ability to heal myself and calm my loved ones (including my pets!). During each of the attunements, Paris gives you so many new tools to work with, whether you are a practitioner or if you just plan to practice at home. I feel so fortunate to have found Paris and begin my Reiki journey. Paris simply illuminates as she teaches you, she is such a generous teacher and truly awe-inspiring. I am so proud to be a certified Reiki Master and excited to see where my Reiki journey takes me.


I have felt a gradual shift toward a really beautiful place of peace and gratitude. I taught (yoga) this morning and was covered in goosebumps for most of the class.

I had no expectations of what this level would bring, I just knew it was time. I am so grateful for you and look forward to more of your guidance.


I have felt *AMAZING* since Friday. It has truly been a real awakening for me to suddenly be thrust into this higher vibrational field. I honestly have felt on top of the world and I am so grateful and honoured that you shared your expertise with me.

The Reiki attunement was unlike anything I have experienced before. I was amazed that it was such an intense experience for me. I am going to book in to do the next one! I have been doing the self – healing each day as you suggested and I can really feel that my energy is lifted into a new realm. It’s simply astounding for me because I have been in a lot of pain for the past few months and the pain disappeared completely for 2 days after the attunement. I was so happy. I am hoping that with continued practice I can eradicate it completely.

Thank you again and you will definitely see me soon.


Paris takes you on a journey like no other, it unlocked my mind and allowed me to flow into a meditative state that was beyond any other that I had ever experienced. I am enjoying daily practice of self-healing and I do feel it has shifted my energies. Thank you Paris for believing, your guidance is forever appreciated”. I will continue my journey and cannot wait to learn more.