Reiki Mentorship & Training

– 6 month program

Allow me to walk alongside you and be your guide as you begin and complete your Reiki training.

During this 6 months I will be your mentor, teacher, support and friend, helping you as you learn and master this amazing gift of Reiki healing.

Over my years of teaching Reiki I have noticed massive shifts in the inner lives and outer lives of students. As Reiki is introduced into the energy field it assists in bringing balance and harmony, which can also lead to big transformations, growth and change. Those who embark on this journey can find great comfort in having someone to mentor and encourage them during this time. I would be honoured to be that person for you.

The reasons why people are drawn to learn reiki are vast and the journey is also very different for each person. It can be comforting to know that along the way you will have someone walking alongside you.

During the 6 months you will:
  • Be attuned and certified in all 3 levels of Reiki healing in private classes
  • You will have two 1.5hr healings with me
  • Six half hour Zoom or phone check-ins
  • Be able to connect with me during the 6 months if you have any questions, concerns or would like to share your accomplishments
  • Given tasks to complete between sessions to enhance your training and keep you motivated and accountable
  • Draw upon my decades of Reiki healing experience
  • Have access to the Healers community gatherings, to build a sense of community and connection.

I have been teaching Reiki since 2013 and I understand the potential challenges and roadblocks that students come across. If you are wanting to learn all 3 levels of Reiki and stay motivated, be accountable, have support and guidance the whole way, then this Reiki mentorship is for you.

The following is the 6 month / 26 week schedule.

Week 1- 1.5hr healing session with Paris

Week 2-  Reiki level 1 certified private workshop and attunement

Week 5- 1/2 hour Zoom/phone check-in

Week 7- 1/2 hour Zoom/phone check-in

Week 9- Reiki level 2 certified private workshop and attunement

Week 12- 1/2 hour Zoom/phone check-in

Week 15- 1/2 hour Zoom/phone check-in

Week 17-  Reiki level 3 certified private workshop and attunement

Week 20- 1/2 hour Zoom/phone check-in

Week 23- 1.5hr healing session with Paris

Week 26- 1/2 hour Zoom/phone check-in

Holistic Healing | Spiritual Healer | Energy Healing | Seichim Healing | Egyptian Healing

Finer Details

Dates are to be scheduled for the full 26 weeks prior to commencement. 

A minimum of 48hr is needed to reschedule.

If for any reason Paris is unable to facilitate any section of the program a minimum of 48 hours will be given.

All training, healing sessions and check-in’s are to be completed by the end of the 26th week.

No refunds will be given for any missed training, healing sessions or check-in’s.



The cost for the 6 months / 26 week program inclusive is


Full payment is to be made upfront.

Once payment is received dates can be scheduled for the 26 weeks.


Reiki Training - Individual Levels

Looking for Reiki training without the mentorship.

See your options for learning the individual Reiki levels One, Two and Three. 


If you have been thinking about or the universe has been bringing Reiki into your life, please undertake Paris’s training.

I undertook her training both via distance (level 1 and 2) and in person (Master), both formats were absolutely incredible. Paris’s wisdom, knowledge, energy and soul are inspiring and calming to be around. The learning and attunements have brought amazing growth to my life and my kids.

Paris has extensive knowledge about Reiki and also beyond Reiki which I could listen and learn from for years, such as sound healing, angels, akashic records and so much more. Meeting Paris and doing her trainings will be an experience I will cherish for many life times.”


The more I learned about Reiki, the more powerful it was to use, it does work! Reiki is very effective; I use it every day and have been so pleased with the results. Each attunement increased my consciousness, and expanded my ability to heal myself and calm my loved ones (including my pets!).

During each of the attunements, Paris gives you so many new tools to work with, whether you are a practitioner or if you just plan to practice at home. I feel so fortunate to have found Paris and begin my Reiki journey. Paris simply illuminates as she teaches you, she is such a generous teacher and truly awe-inspiring.

I am so proud to be a certified Reiki Master and excited to see where my Reiki journey takes me.


Paris, you’re truly a beautiful soul.

I have used your service for all 3 Reiki levels this truly transformed my life. For this I am forever grateful. I then used your service for the pineal gland activation which took me to another level on my spiritual journey and I feel amazing.

Your way of teaching and support along the way has been the key factor in my spiritual development. To have someone available to me should I have questions or concerns is invaluable.

Thank you for everything you done for me. I absolutely and completely will recommend you to anyone interested in spiritual development