As you gather knowledge it frees you from the unknown and a place of fear or judgement. As you put your knowledge into practice it becomes your wisdom and with that wisdom you are empowered.

Whether you are seeking to be certified in a healing modality such as Reiki or Seichim, or looking to be empowered and have some fun exploring various spiritual topics. There is something here for everyone.

Reiki Healing Certification

It is a powerful, loving, ancient form of energy healing.  A perfect foundational  modality that will continuously grow and evolve alongside you.

Certified training in all levels.

Reiki training | Reiki Mentor | Reiki program

Reiki Mentorship & Training

A 6 months program where I will be your Reiki mentor, teacher, support and friend. As you become certified in all levels of Reiki healing.

Stay motivated, be accountable, have support and guidance the whole way.

Seichim Healing Certification

Also known as Sekhem or Seichem, it is a high vibrational Ancient Egyptian healing modality that is a loving pathway to our Divine soul and is strongly connected to the Divine Feminine.

Certified training in both levels.

Holistic Healing | Spiritual Healer | Energy Healing | Pineal Gland Activation | Third Eye Opening

Pineal Gland Activation

Connect to the higher realms and become a clear channel for consciousness.

Experience the sacred pineal gland activation for yourself and learn how to perform it on others.

Bespoke Instrument Training

Learn how to get the most from the sound healing instruments you have at home.

There are tailored classes for Tibetan and crystal singing bowls, tuning forks, frame drums and percussion, to suit your individual needs and desired outcomes.

Crystal Essence and
Aura Spray Workshop

Turn your crystals into vibrational elixirs and aura sprays. Learn the sacred process in this fun and interactive workshop.

Plus experience the power and magic of Archangel essences and create your own angel aura spray.

The Angels and You

An introduction to the realm of the angels.

 Learn about guardian angels and the Archangels and how best to connect and work with these loving beings in all aspects of your life.


I had the greatest blessing to be attuned to Seichim level 1 and Seichim Mastery with Paris. As an incredibly gifted, gentle and generous teacher, Paris guides with Love and compassion.

The attunenents were such a special, deep soul experience. As a practicing Reiki Master Healer, Seichim energy has added a whole new dimension to healing for my clients. It is an honour working with the Divine Goddesses.

Thank you Paris for sharing your gifts so honestly and with such joy. I have loved every working experience with you.


I recently completed a Pineal Gland Activation with Paris. Wow what an absolutely profound experience. For days after I felt the greatest sense of peace and safety I’ve experienced in years. Some of my blocks slowly started to lift and I’m seeing the world in a completely different way.

Thank you so much.


If you have been thinking about or the universe has been bringing Reiki into your life, please undertake Paris’s training. I undertook her training both via distance (level 1 and 2) and in person (Master), both formats were absolutely incredible. Paris’s wisdom, knowledge, energy and soul are inspiring and calming to be around. The learning and attunements have brought amazing growth to my life and my kids. Paris has extensive knowledge about Reiki and also beyond Reiki which I could listen and learn from for years, such as sound healing, angels, akashic records and so much more. Meeting Paris and doing her trainings will be an experience I will cherish for many life times.