Holistic Energy Healing Sessions

We are energetic beings existing within physical bodies. For true physical health and emotional and mental wellbeing we need to look after our energetic self as we would our physical bodies.

A holistic energy healing session is personalised and tailored to your specific needs and desired outcomes.

My first objective is to create and hold a space for you that is safe, supportive, nurturing, genuine and loving. A space where you can feel seen, heard, accepted and understood. Where you are able to express yourself freely and where true connection, soul to soul can occur.

The session contains many different elements and I take care to not rush you at any stage, as each element holds importance.

We will start with a consultation so that I can gather a holistic understanding of where you are at and together, we will create a clear intention for healing and outcomes desired.

We will finish with a short de-briefing of the healing where we can share in any insights or messages. I can then give any recommendations or practices for you to introduce at home.

The healing itself will be intuitively guided and individualised, including numerous modalities such as Reiki, Seichim, meditation, visualisation, biofield tuning, holistic counselling, Metatronia Therapy, colour therapy, sound healing instruments, crystals and guidance from the Archangels, Ascended Masters and spirit.

The healing will include:

  • Assessing your energy
  • Clearing any energetic blocks, attachments and resistance.
  • Restoring the flow of energy
  • Nourishing, balancing and bringing harmony to your chakras and energetic field.
  • Bringing in higher frequencies of Divine healing light and co-creating your intention for healing.

It is always my intention that you feel empowered to participate and co-create as much or as a little as you feel comfortable during a healing session. And that you are empowered with knowledge and tools that you can implement yourself at home.

Some Common Benefits Include

• Feelings of peace and calm

• Clarity of mind

• Reduction in physical pain and discomfort

• Muscle relaxation

• Being more present and grounded

• Heightened motivation and purpose

• Improved sleep

• Improved ability to cope with stress,

• Heightened sense of connection to self and spirit,

• Insights and understandings,

• Feelings of freedom and lightness,

• Increased self–confidence and self-compassion,

• Support during recovering from injury,

• Alleviate anxiety and depression,

• Allow and expand into more joy, gratitude and love,

• Increase energetic frequency,

• Shift into a more positive mindset.

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Session Rates

1.5hr standard session – $160

2hr extended session (recommended for first visit) – $195

1hr tune-up session (recommended for returning clients who have regular sessions. Does not include full consultation) – $130


Package One: 1 x 2hr session + 2 x 1.5hr sessions (total 5hrs) + 1 x bush flower or angel essence dropper bottle. $445 (save $90)

Package Two: 3 x 1.5hr sessions (total 4.5hrs) + 1 x  bush flower or angel essence dropper bottle. $420 (save $80)

Package Three: 3 x 1hr sessions (total 3hrs) + 1 x  bush flower or angel essence dropper bottle. $345 (save $65)


Package terms: Full payment is required before your first session. All 3 sessions must be used within 6 months of purchase.

Sound Healing

Sound healing sessions are also available. Choose from a multi-instrument sound healing session, Tibetan singing bowl, crystal singing bowl, tuning fork sessions and Biofield tuning.


Paris makes you feel so welcome from the time you arrive. The healing space was calm and inviting.

I loved the sound healing instruments and Reiki. I also loved how Paris did the extra little things also. And if I wanted to work on any chakra or any area where I felt stuck, Paris gave me some things to do at home also,

The beautiful Aura Soma essence in the healing, it smelt amazing and felt very uplifting. I also loved the grounding oils.

I feel like I’ve made progress on my path and feel a lot lighter. Would highly recommend Paris.


I have been attending healing and sound healing sessions with Paris since 2019.

Paris is kind-hearted and a great listener. Her sessions are always guided by my needs. I always leave feeling more confident, lighter and at peace.

Thank you Paris for all the guidance you have provided me over the years


It was a great experience attending healing sessions with Paris.

After three sessions, I feel much lighter and at peace than when I started. I always felt she has a genuine interest in my healing journey which I truly appreciate.

All the guidance and insights that she has shared along with the sessions has been really helpful.

Thank you Paris


I’ve been to Paris for Reiki healing & sound healing for a number of years.

I’ve found Paris to be very intuitive with her healings and gives me so much insight. She is so passionate, I always walk away feeling like I’ve had a reset on life & feeling so much more calmer & clearer in my mind.

The sound healing Paris does is amazing, I feel like I am on cloud nine, floating in air, no cares or worries.

I will always trust Paris with my healings, she provides a beautiful safe and sacred space.”