Bespoke Instrument Training

Get the most out of your sound healing instruments.

Do you have sound healing instruments at home that are looking pretty on your shelf but collecting dust because you’re not sure how to use them?

Or have you been having a go but would like to learn how to use them in a more effective way?

Or are you interested in buying a sound healing instrument but not sure what to buy or what you’d enjoy?

I’ve come across many people over the years who have been curious or drawn to buy a Tibetan bowl, crystal bowl, tuning fork or frame drum, but after a while have lost interest or just weren’t sure what to do with it, so never gave it a go.

I’d love to get you inspired and motivated and using your instrument/s for your own personal joy, healing and well-being. I believe that all you need is some encouragement and some know how.

These classes are tailored to your individual needs and desired outcomes.

My intention is for you to get the most enjoyment out of your instrument/s and feel motivated to use them.

My full range of instruments will be at your disposal for use during your class.

Holistic Healing | Spiritual Healer | Tibetan Bowl Class | Sound Healing Instruments | Sound Healing Meditation | Crystal Bowl Class | Tuning Forks


Length of time will be dependent on you and your needs.

Notes will be given where applicable.


Costing will be determined by the length of the class.

Rates are: 1.5hr for $160

                      2hr for $195

                      2.5hr for $230

                      3hr for $265

20% discount for groups of 2 or more.


Contact me today so that we can tailor the perfect class for you.



I truly recommend Paris for her authenticity and dedication to her teachings. I have had attunements done with Paris for Reiki mastery, Seichim, all levels to mastery and have also done a day of learning on how to use my shamanic drum and sound bowls for my own Healings and meditation classes.

Paris has the patience and a true gift of a teacher with great wisdom to share.


Paris is amazing at what she does. She’s friendly and helpful. Each session is unique and you gain so much learning about yourself. I always leave feeling relaxed and with a renewed sense of excitement to keep learning


I have complete a couple of courses with Paris now and can’t recommend anyone more than her. Paris is extremely intuitive and has a wonderful energy. She provides support throughout the course and beyond. Paris is helping me reach my full potential in my spiritual journey and guided me through the process.

If you are thinking about doing some spiritual work or just need healing, you can’t go wrong with Paris.

Highly recommended