Your energy is directly linked to and plays a major part in the health and well-being of your physical body, mental state and spiritual development.

When your energy is clear, balanced and in harmonious flow you feel the benefits in all areas of your life.

Do you want to be calmer and more peaceful, have more clarity and sense of purpose, maybe feel more present and grateful and have more meaningful relationships or understanding of self. Do you have physical or mental issues you would like to overcome?

I offer a range of different services to help you achieve your goals. Continue reading to decide which one feels right for you.

Holistic Energy Healing

A personalised session tailored to your specific needs and desired outcomes.

Intuitively guided and may include a range of different modalities such as Reiki, Seichim, sound, colour, crystal and angelic healing and visualisation.

Sound Healing Sessions

Be transported by therapeutic sounds, by-pass the conscious mind and connect to the language of the Divine.

Choose from a multi-instrument sound healing session, Tibetan singing bowl, crystal singing bowl and tuning fork sessions.

Holistic Healing | Spiritual Healer | Fibonacci Tuning Forks | Sound Healing Instruments | Sound Healing Meditation | Crystal Bowls| Tuning Forks

Biofield Tuning Sessions

Biofield tuning uses therapeutic and intentional sound, from tuning forks, to help you come into balance and harmony on all levels.

The coherent frequencies get you and your energy  ’unstuck’, creating new vibrational rhythms and patterns of health, well-being and freedom.

Pineal Gland Activation

Experience the sacred pineal gland activation, a key participant in our spiritual evolution.

Create a clear channel for consciousness and a connection between the heart and the brain.


I have been attending healing and sound healing sessions with Paris since 2019. Paris is kind-hearted and a great listener. Her sessions are always guided by my needs. I always leave feeling more confident, lighter and at peace. Thank you Paris for all the guidance you have provided me over the years.


Paris is an exceptional sound healer. She is so passionate about what she does and loves to help people with their spiritual growth and healing. For me Paris’ sound healing techniques felt like a deep massage for my cells that ran all the way to my core. It has been a transformative experience for me- physically, mentally and spiritually.