Aura/Room Sprays & Archangel & Bush Flower Remedies

Vibrational essences are a powerful, nurturing and loving tool that can help support you in a variety of ways.

Below you will find a variety of:

Aura and room sprays which I have created to suit many different needs.

12 Archangel bottles, from the Essence of Angel range and

 Australian Bush Flower combination, remedy bottles.

You can also create your own essence bottle from the complete Australian Bush Flower and Essence of Angel ranges.

 125ml Sprays are $25 each and 25ml dropper bottles are $20 each

Special discount: Purchase 3 or more bottles to receive 15% off. Purchase 5 or more bottles to receive 20% off


Delivery within Australia starts at $10 or contact-less pickup can be arranged from Rouse Hill NSW.

Packages will be sent within 1-2 business days of order and payment received.

Please contact us if you have any allergy concerns.

Nurture yourself, spoil a friend or let a loved one know that you are thinking of them. Have these beautiful essences delivered straight to your door or have them delivered directly to a loved one, beautifully boxed, with a special message inside.

Aura & Room Sprays

These aura and room sprays are perfect for personal use or to change the energy in a room.

Each ingredient has been lovingly and carefully selected to work on a specific theme or intention.

These 125ml clear PET bottles with a spray top contain purified water, Archangel essences, flower essences, Aura-soma, essential oils, food colouring (except the crystal clear bottle), channeled frequencies and a clear quartz crystal.

Cost $25 each. Purchase 3 or more bottles to receive 15% off. Purchase 5 or more bottles to receive 20% off.

* Please note that these bottles contain food colouring. It is recommended that you hold the bottle an arm’s length away from you when spraying, to avoid colour droplets.

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Rest & Repair

Move from fight and flight into rest and repair. Calm the nervous system, releasing anxiety, fear and worry, and align to love and peace. Once you are in a restful space you can allow your body to heal and repair on all levels.

Slow down, be comfortable in the silence, be present in the now and just be.

Contains Archangel Jophiel and Raphiel essences.

Sweet Dreams

Fall into a peaceful and restful sleep. Be cocooned in the arms of the Archangels and protected on all levels.

Aids in dream-work and perfect for those with sleep issues or who suffer from nightmares.

Brings a sense of deep peace.

Children love this one!

Contains Archangel Michael, Jophiel and Azrael essences.

Crystal Clear

Clear your energy and your environment. Transmute energies, detoxify and purify.

Provides protection on all levels and aids in creating boundaries.

Contains Archangels Gabriel and Michael essences.

Grounding Presence

Feel safe and worthy to be present within your body and in the here and now.

Be grounded and anchored to the earth, set your foundation so that you are able to bring in and hold more light.

Confidently stand tall within your light and manifest into your reality all that you desire.

Contains Archangel Azrael and Michael essences.

Heaven on Earth

As above, so below.

Connect to the earth and cosmic hearts. Transcend fear and step into love, unity and oneness.

Fully step into your light so that you can be the best expression of yourself.

Contains Archangel Sandalphon and Metatron essences.

Grace & Flow

Step into the graceful rhythm and flow of life. Release control and surrender into freedom, playfulness, creativity and spontaneous joy.

Start to live in alignment and flow.

Contains Archangel Haniel and Jeremiel essences.

Divine Expression

Authentic communication from a space of compassion.

Speak your truth from your heart. Become an active listener, embrace the silence.

Aids in channeling and psychic communication.

Contains Archangel Zadkiel and Gabriel essences.

Higher Purpose – Higher Mind

Accessing, channeling and understanding Divine will, Divine knowledge and universal laws.

Understand your souls gifts. Step out of 3D limitations and into all knowing.

Enhances learning, study and memory through the higher mind. Great for school aged kids.

Aids in developing psychic gifts.

Contains Archangel Raziel and Uriel essences.

Pure Love

Feel, know and be held in unconditional love. Allow yourself to be open to receive.

Fill your heart with compassion, gratitude, acceptance and forgiveness.

Appreciate the beauty of self, others, all and everything.

Release judgements of self and others. Become a co-creator of your life. See the love in everything and everyone.

Contains Archangel Chamuel and Jophiel.

Archangel Essences

There are 12 Archangel bottles available within the Essence of Angels range. Each bottle has a specific theme.

Follow your intuition as to which bottle feels right for you. Bottles will be made to order.

Each one comes in a 25ml amber dropper bottle. Each remedy contains a small amount of brandy for preservation. Please let us know if you would like your bottle with a brandy substitute.


Cost $20 each. Purchase 3 or more bottles to receive 15% off. Purchase 5 or more bottles to receive 20% off.

Archangel Azrael

Support through all life transition, ground energy. Let go of old limiting belief systems. Helps to break cycles/ ‘stories’. Surrender & make way for the new. Accept your vulnerability. Earth Star Chakra.

Archangel Jophiel

Joy in the now, being present, grateful & appreciative of what you have & your experiences. Appreciate the beauty of self, others, all & everything. Creating beauty into your life. Being a co-creator & having self-responsibility. Find happiness from within & remembering to ‘play’. Slow down, finding silence, just being. Releasing fear & anxiety & aligning to love. Base Chakra.

Archangel HanieL

Bringing harmony & grace into life. Releasing control, embracing freedom & flow. Connect to rhythm, flow & cycles of nature. Aligning with your Goddess, lunar cycles, Divine feminine. Surrender & step into the rhythm of conscious action. Owning your creativity. Comfortable with own body. Sacral Chakra.

Archangel Michael

Empowered, self-worth & self-confidence, worthy. Conviction & courage to be you. Stand tall within your light. Have boundaries. Align with love & overcome the darkness. Step into your passion/Divine calling. Find your inner warrior. Clear & protect- all levels. Protects & guides children. Solar plexus Chakra.

Archangel Chamuel

Gratitude & unconditional love for self & others. Accepting & loving others for who they are. Allowing self to receive. Transcend the barriers that inhibits the expression of love. See the love in everything & everyone. Move beyond victim to self- love. Forgiveness & compassion. Heart Chakra.

Archangel Zadkiel

Speaking from the heart. Love & truth not fear. Express feelings clearly with compassion for others. Speaking lovingly of self. Empower/heal others, through your words. Accepting higher guidance. Able to ask for help Multi-dimensional channeling. Listening, stillness & silence in life. Enhancing psychic communication abilities (clairvoyance, mediumship, channeling). Throat Chakra.

Archangel Raphiel

Awakening the imagination. Connect & work with nature & earth elements. Healing past, present & future (multidimensional). Animal healing & work. Connect to & receive guidance for healing work. Medical intuition. Aids in opening Pineal gland. Healing on all levels, body, mind & spirit. Third Eye Chakra.

Archangel Gabriel

Connection to your higher self and Divine wisdom. Clarity with communication. Clear connection to your creativity. Guides you to your joy & happiness. Purification. Transmuting energies. Understanding of life purpose & next steps to take. Aids channeling. Crown Chakra.

Archangel Raziel

Develop & understand the gifts that your soul chose. Understanding Universal laws. Interpretation of esoteric principals & texts. Access Akashic records. Channeling Divine wisdom. Aids with public speaking, study & exams. Understanding souls journey & who you are. See self beyond your ‘story’. Connecting to eternal self (no boundaries). Seeing beyond the third dimension. Soul star Chakra.

Archangel Jeremiel

Brings soul information into conscious awareness. Connection to Divine feminine. Understanding of our past, present & future. Understanding of light language through our feeling centre. Understanding of Akashic records through our feeling centre. Creative manifestation. Connection to Lemurian & Pleiadian consciousness. Soul purpose & soul review. Stimulates visions, journeying & dream recall.

Archangel Uriel

Problem solving, lateral thinking & pre-cognition. Learning, studying & memory through the higher mind. Knowing of light language. Knowing of Akashic records. Connection to Divine masculine. Re-remember Atlantis, Sirius & Egypt. Oracle- look to the future. By-pass the mind & connect to Divine knowing/mind. Alchemy.

Archangel Metatron & Archangel Sandalphon 

Unity, no separation. Creating heaven on earth. As above so below. Fully stepping into our light. Being the best expression of self. Awakens other energy centre to a higher octave. Transcend fear into love. Re-remember wisdom from ancient lands & starry origins. Transcend boundaries, limitation & patterns. Connect to three hearts of creation (galactic, earth & our). Activation & attunement of DNA. Ascending to highest level of soul purpose. Channel cosmic consciousness.

Australian Bush Flower Essences

Each of the 69 Australian bush flower essences possess their own unique life force energy and healing properties.

Below are some combination remedies which all hold a specific intention. Plus an Isis and Solar Logos essence.


You may also like to make up your own bottle to match your specific needs.


Follow your intuition as to which bottle feels right for you. Bottles will be made to order.

Each one comes in a 25ml amber dropper bottle.  Each remedy contains a small amount of brandy for preservation. Please let us know if you would like your bottle with a brandy substitute.

Cost $20 each. Purchase 3 or more bottles to receive 15% off. Purchase 5 or more bottles to receive 20% off.

Calm and Clear

Encourages the time and space for relaxation and to unwind. Aids healthy contemplation of one’s self and to enjoy relaxing pursuits.


Ability to cope, comfort, reassurance & courage. Eases distress, fear and panic.


Deeper meditation. Enhances access to higher-self, protects and heals the aura.


Clears beliefs, patterns & sabotage therefore fully open to receiving abundance.


Release and clear emotional waste, residual and built-up emotional baggage.


Renews passion and enthusiasm for life. Centers and harmonises your vital forces.


Acceptance of self, communication, optimism, social skills, maturity, harmony in relationships and stable emotions. Perfect for adolescents.


Enhances intuition & trust in your intuition. Clears communication to higher-self.


Harmonises emotional imbalances during life cycles. Encourages own innate strength & beauty, ability to remain calm, stable and cope with change.

Past Lives

Recall instances and aspects from previous lives. Overcome and heal any negative emotions, fear, terror or nightmares. Break repetitive cycles and clear lines of Karma.


Inspires creative and emotional expression. Helps public speaking, frees the voice.


Positive self-esteem & confidence. Comfortable around others. Resolve negative beliefs about self. Take responsibility for your own life.


Cope & move through major life changes. Awareness of life direction.


Helps you integrate, assimilate and understand new information. Also aids and stimulates spiritual growth. Perfect for students studying.


Hope and upliftment. Transforming the old to bring about deep emotional & spiritual healing. The embodiment of the Divine Feminine protection, love, healing, illumination, nurturance & courage.

Solar Logos

The pure light that emanates from the Central Sun. Opens our heart to the wisdom that resides within. Activates the light of the soul. Displaces all the dark allowing the cells to regroup in a lighter, purer form.

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I ordered ‘Grounding Presence’, ‘Grace & Flow’, and ‘Higher Purpose’ sprays.

Delivery was speedy, and it was beautifully packaged— it felt like I was receiving a gift.

I’ve only used ‘Higher Purpose’ and I’m loving it.

The scent is delightful and fresh, plus I feel clearer, focused, and grounded.

I look forward to trying the other two!


These Aura and room sprays are so gorgeous, unique and made with love straight from the heart.

I absolutely love mine, which I use on daily basis.

I highly recommend you get some for yourself or they would make a special gift. Mine came in the mail as a gift from a friend and also included a bottle of flower and angel remedies.