Seichim Healing Certification

Seichim is a heart-centered, high frequency hands on healing modality and is a loving pathway to our Divine soul. Seichim healing is deeply entwined with the energy of the Divine feminine. This energy is intelligent and powerful. It works with speed and accuracy, but is also gentle, loving and compassionate. It works multi-dimensionally and touches us on a deep cellular level.  Seichim is a powerful tool for transformation and acceleration of our personal and spiritual development and for propelling us to achieve our full potential.

Seichim brings about the balance and union of polarities. It initiates a return of the balance between the masculine and feminine energies and a union with us and the Divine.

Also known as Sekhem or Seichem healing, it is linked to the Sirius and Orion star systems and ancient Lemuria and was practiced by the priests and priestesses within the temples of ancient Egypt. In the 1980’S it was re-discovered by Patrick Zeigler after his initiation to the energies during a powerful night spent in the great pyramid of Giza.

Patrick says that its purpose is to reconnect the individual to the source, allowing him to experience and live his presence, reactivate his eternal life’s breath, so he may walk on this planet being connected with heaven and earth and with all that there is. It aims at the opening and expansion of the heart, the unification of all the chakras and bodies of energy and re-connection with the Divine. Patrick also says that the energy vibrates in an octave of the 7th dimension or above.

I had the pleasure on working directly with Seichim founder Patrick Zeigler in 2016 and through him was initiated into the All Love energies.

Seichim is safe, non-intrusive and available to everyone. It can work alongside other traditional western or eastern therapies. For those with experience in energy healing, Seichim can be used to compliment Reiki healing and all other forms of energy work.

Seichim Training Levels

There are two levels of training. You may wish to learn one or both.

Due to the nature and very high frequency of Seichim healing, I find that those that have some form of Reiki or energy training behind them tend to assimilate the Seichim energies and concepts more easily. Therefore, a prerequisite for Seichim level one is a completion of Reiki levels one and two. If you would like to know more about this please visit my Reiki healing certification page or contact me directly.

Each level of training includes:

• Interactive workshop,

• Sacred initiation,

• Practical hands-on elements

• Certification certificate

• Comprehensive manual

• Light refreshments

• On-going support and mentoring

• Invitation to join our Healers community and attend our community gatherings.

• Upon booking you receive a Voucher for 20% off a 1.5hr healing session with Paris. This can be used before or after your training.

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Seichim Level One – Practitioner

This level of training will allow you to give Seichim healing to yourself and others. We will explore the history of Seichim and its benefits. We will also look in detail at how Seichim energy works and its connection to nature and the Divine feminine. You will be given three powerful Seichim symbols to work with.

Pre-requisites for level one is completion of Reiki levels one and two.





Holistic Healing | Spiritual Healer | Energy Healing | Seichim Healing | Egyptian Healing

Seichim Level Two – Master

This level is anchored in our connection to the Divine and the process of soul awakening. We go deeper into the multidimensional aspects of Seichim healing and its ability to assist us in clearing our energy and also working with past life remembering. You receive three more sacred symbols and we look into an unconventional way of performing distance healings. This level gives you the knowledge and ability to teach Seichim in the future, if that is the path you are called to follow.

Pre-requisites for level two are completion of Seichim level one.



Seichim Training Prices

Each level is available in-person or via zoom. If you choose to undergo your training over zoom, your manual and certificate will be emailed to you.

Choose a date and time that suits you.

Private classes allow for approximately 3.5hrs

Group classes allow for approximately 5hrs (This includes a short break for lunch)

See below for different pricing options and how you can save up to $220.


For a private one-on-one class.

This class has the same content as a group class but can be more individually tailored to your needs. The timing is shorter as we don’t stop for lunch and discussions are more targeted.

Level One/Practitioner- $450

Level Two/Master- $650


Save 10% when you book and pay for both levels of training upfront.

This option is perfect for those who know they would like to complete both levels of training.

The date of each level needs to be a minimum of one month apart and maximum of two months apart. This way of learning has proved to be very popular as it is just enough time for you to integrate and process the teachings of a level before moving on, whilst also ensuring that you keep up momentum.

Dates of each level need to be locked in and payment made when booking, to receive the discount.

Total cost for both levels in a private class- $990 (save $110)


Save 10% for groups of 2 or more.

You may like to learn with family or friends. Groups with two or more people receive a discount of 10%

Level One/Practitioner- Pay $405 (save $45)

Level Two/Master- Pay $585 (save $65)


Save 20% When you have your own group and book and pay for both levels upfront.

Receive the 10% discount for groups plus the 10% discount for paying upfront.

Total cost for both levels in a group class – $880 (save $220)




“I recently completed both the level one & master level Seichim attunements with Paris. Both were completed online, & I cannot say enough how amazing the experience was. After both attunements I could feel my vibration raise and my happiness & connection with life intensify.

Thanks so much Paris!!”


Paris was brought to my attention by She that is my Beloved Teacher so that We could continue the path of Sekhem and further open memories of the Ancient Mystery Schools. 

I was honoured by the sacred space that we shared, and deeply grateful for the openness of Paris as she facilitated all that we had been brought together to explore. 

Paris lovingly and willingly remains open to allow the purity and fullness of Transpersonal and Universal Love to flow through her and so facilitate the wonder of All That Is to flow. Paris knows what it is to hold the space and allow. Each of us receives that which we are ready to receive and Paris neither hinders nor helps, but simply allows, trusting the perfection of the process. I am grateful for All that she is and All that she is eternally becoming … and I am deeply grateful for the connection.


I had the greatest blessing to be attuned to Seichim level 1 and Seichim Mastery with Paris. As an incredibly gifted, gentle and generous teacher, Paris guides with Love and compassion.

The attunenents were such a special, deep soul experience. As a practicing Reiki Master Healer, Seichim energy has added a whole new dimension to healing for my clients. It is an honour working with the Divine Goddesses.

Thank you Paris for sharing your gifts so honestly and with such joy. I have loved every working experience with you.


I completed my Seichim 1 and Masters with Paris and enjoyed learning and experiencing this modality it was a gentle energy and felt relaxed, Paris has a lovely soft voice that made me feel comfortable and safe during the meditation session and attunments a lovely day spent with Paris.